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Adhesive targets for making off-the-shelf height sticks and level rods compatible with PhotoHeight.com.

The height stick is a critical component for implementing the Katapult Method.


Made of telescoping fiberglass sections, it can be collapsed to easily fit into your vehicle or be expanded to 25+ feet in length. The fiberglass construction is non-conductive (a requirement when working near power facilities) and also makes it light and sturdy.


When trying to create a calibrated image, the height stick is used as a reference object. It defines the location of the physical ground, the scale of the image, and the amount of perspective distortion in the image.


Adhesive target shown attached to a Crain SVR Series fiberglass level rod.

High contrast targets on the height stick make it possible to calibrate an image even in marginal lighting or focal conditions. The high contrast Katapult adhesive targets are UV protected and should be applied to height sticks like the Crain SVR series because it has a recess in the face of each section. This recess protects the adhesive target from being scrubbed off through repeatedly expanding and collapsing the stick.